MBA (International Business) - Trimester Pattern (joint program of VIT University, Vellore and US Universities)

Students interested in International Business and Management  may elect a dual degree option. The option will enable the students to attend the first year of studies at VIT  and complete the  core requirements for the M.B.A degree and go to USA for the second year studies leading to a  second M.B.A ( from the  University of Massachusetts ) or  M.S. (from the University of Michigan). The second year of studies will allow the students to specialize in fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain management, business analytics and others. Students must meet the admissions and graduation  requirements of VIT as well as the US universities to receive two degrees.   

Scope for Employment

Besides the sectors specified for the MBA Programme, graduates of the MBA (IB) can seek gainful careers in Export and Import Sectors, International Logistics Firms, in Firms having Trans-national Operations, etc.

Programme Content

School Core Courses

Fundamentals of Management / Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions / Accounting for Managers / Situational Analysis and Communication / Micro Organizational Behaviour / Human Resource Management / Macro Organizational Behaviour / Business Research Methods / Production and Operations Management / Business Ethics / Entrepreneurship / Macro Economic Analysis for Management / Financial Management - I & II / Supply Chain Management / Managerial

Economics / Applied Operations Research/ Case Analysis and Structured Communication / Information System for Management/Marketing Management - Theory and Concepts / International Business / Marketing Management- programmes and Strategies / Strategy Formulation and Implementation / Commercial Law

Programme Core Courses

Basic French/International business law/Principles of Global marketing/ Global Marketing strategies/ International economics/International Strategic Management

The second year will be spent in an US University.